I encourage you to share the above image on your phone with your friends so they will know that God blessed Curry for obeying and Durant is suffering for disobeying.

Pastor Craig Groeschel:
Sit down and learn something about honor from me and Stephen Curry. You act like God doesn't care if His children wear NIKE clothes named to honor the goddess Nike... but God, His Word, me and Stephen Curry (the guy God is blessing for leaving NIKE) are proving you very wrong!

Be careful what you teach your followers.

I follow Jesus Christ!


From what I know about Pastor Craig Groeschel... he is more happy with Kevin Durant for staying with the company that honors the name of the goddess Nike than he is with Stephen Curry for leaving to honor God.

If he is more happy with Stephen Curry for leaving... he can let me know and I will certainly let you know that he has had a change of heart and now respects those who choose to honor God that way.

This site gets more visits as God blesses Stephen Curry for leaving NIKE and as Kevin Durant and Sam Bradford suffer for staying with NIKE.

Some of this suffering might have been avoided had an influential pastor named Craig Groeschel done what God wanted him to do... tell LifeChurch that God was against NIKE honoring the name of the false goddess of victory named Nike.

He had the chance to influence Kevin Durant directly... he even interviewed him... yet Kevin Durant still signed with NIKE to insult the True God of Victory.

Have Pastor Craig Groeschel, Kevin Durant and Sam Bradford learned anything over the last few years? Or will they keep acting like God is OK with spreading the name of the false goddess Nike around the world?

I will be spending ETERNITY with the God of Victory and will be rewarded by how I honor Him while I am down here in the temporary.

How about you? Do you care more about the temporary that you see? Or do you care more about the eternal that you don't see?


Kevin Durant... I saw your new Sonic commercial about boneless wings. You should know I like WINGS... and I also like a GS on the end of a WIN... the GS is for GOLDEN STATE... or in my case and in Stephen Curry's case... GOD'S SERVANT.

Making what you call "easy money" as you insult the God of Victory with NIKE doesn't make you a winner like Stephen Curry... it makes you a loser with the company honoring the name of Nike – the false goddess of victory.

Tell Clayton Bennett I said "hi" and remind him I shared the truth with him so he could influence you to be a winner like Stephen Curry... not a loser. 

Kevin Durant wants you to wear things honoring the name of the false goddess Nike.

Stephen Curry wants you to honor God.

If I were you, I would go with a REAL WINNER!


I would like to help everyone believe that there is a God. You should know above all that He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for your sins and that Jesus Christ deserves to be honored for giving His life for you.

How will I help convince you?

I will show you how God works.

Last year, many people thought the OKC Thunder had a chance to win the NBA Championship. There was not much talk about the Golden State Warriors winning it.

So what happened?

Not long ago, Stephen Curry of Golden State left NIKE (the company named in honor of the false goddess of victory named Nike) to honor the One True God with Under Armour. We all knew Stephen Curry was a good player, but God blessed Stephen and his team for Stephen's obedience... Stephen was named MVP and his team won the NBA Finals.

Let's compare that to Kevin Durant... the man who says he is a Christian... but knowingly accepted a contract worth $300 million to wear clothing honoring the name of the false goddess Nike! To put it in actual terms... he made a deal with the devil... he stayed with NIKE rather than obey God... and he and his team suffered for his decision!

He also experienced his worst year of injuries... and he had an injury recently on a simple layup!

Does Kevin Durant want you to think that God doesn't care about honoring the names of other gods and goddesses?

The Thunder did not even make the playoffs last year... after many thought they would win it all! Golden State won it all... after many thought they wouldn't.

Compare how Golden State plays to how the Thunder play. Look at the anger the Thunder play with... compared to the joy that Golden State plays with.

But this is not all about basketball... it is about a vision that God gave me to help America.


It is a vision about TWO WINGS THAT GOD WANTS... but David Green of Hobby Lobby appears to not want one of them! Why? Because God wants him to fund it! In fact, any discussion I have had with David Green of Hobby Lobby has revealed that he is a man who cannot control his temper or keep his mouth from insulting me... further proof he is not always yielding to the control of the Holy Spirit!

But even as David Green is... I will keep on sharing the truth.

The truth doesn't change for Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant or David Green based upon whether they obey and believe... the truth is always the truth... and God has a beautiful plan for both wings... not just one wing like David Green appears to want.

Don't think David Green's money is any indication of how holy he is. Other Christians would easily have obeyed God with Town of Love had they been entrusted with the estimated $6 billion he once had... or the $5.9 billion... $5.8 billion... $5.7 billion... $5.6 billion... $5.5 billion... $5.4 billion... $5.3 billion... $5.2 billion... or the $5.1 billion he currently is estimated to have. (Reduced by $900 million in just 8 months according to real time net worth on Forbes)


The above abortion picture is what God had me share with David Green over 2.5 years ago. Some of you may wonder why I have appeared so upset with the person God has chosen to finance Town of Love. It is estimated that 2.5 MILLION BABIES HAVE BEEN MURDERED SINCE GOD HAD ME SHARE THIS VISION WITH DAVID GREEN TO REDUCE ABORTION.

So... each day we wait on starting Town of Love... 3000 babies are aborted! 


God has had me warn specific athletes about NIKE and to let them know that God does not want His children wearing items named in honor of the false goddess Nike.

Those who have not obeyed God after being warned have had a very difficult time in their sport.

But you may ask... Has anyone yet obeyed God by leaving NIKE?

Stephen Curry did... the man pictured above... and God made sure that he was blessed for obeying Him.

You should know that not only does NIKE honor the name of the false goddess Nike... it also is one of the biggest promoters of the LESBIAN, GAY, BI-SEXUAL, TRANSGENDER and QUEER movement and it matches employee contributions to Planned Parenthood – SUPPORTING ABORTION!



And speaking of ABORTION... You may be shocked to find out that 2.5 million abortions have taken place since God first had me contact David Green to fund this vision to HELP REDUCE ABORTION! 


Oklahoma Christian University President John deSteiguer:

The choice to have this display here at Oklahoma Christian is very significant and didn't happen by "luck" or "by man's choice alone". NO. God orchestrated it to show that both wings of His plan are to be respected. Just as an eagle would care for both of its wings... so we should care about both of God's wings.

God is a designer. God has the end in mind at the time He begins... and He orchestrates events to make His will happen. I like this explanation... He sees the whole puzzle picture and puts the pieces together to make the puzzle look like what He continually sees.

So... the Museum of the Bible on the campus of Oklahoma Christian in the heart of the Department of Art and Design... where God sent me to learn design... is NO COINCIDENCE.

I am a graduate of Oklahoma Christian. I am an eagle... so I know an eagle has two wings... and I know an eagle soars with two wings... NOT just one.

The fact that I am revealing the two eagle wings of God's plan to help America and the fact that we are now talking about a university where there are a lot of "eagles" is also NO COINCIDENCE.

What about that room pictured above in the Garvey Center at Oklahoma Christian?

On the north side of that room you will see photographs in frames. You will see something within those frames that I designed about 25 years ago. Had I died the year I designed it... the design would have continued as you see it does down the wall on each photograph.

On the south side of that room you will see a Bible verse that says to never tire of doing what is right

I am sharing this because we never know when we will be called home to be with God... and we should never tire of doing what is right.

Some of us act like we have all kinds of time in the world to do something God wants us to do... and we should do it... do it when we know we should do it... and not put it off another day... because we are not guaranteed another day.

God has called David Green, Steve Green and I to do something that will mean more than any money that we could ever possess. 

You wouldn't know I designed something on the other wide of that room... but what I designed helps present the name of each of those important people pictured in the photographs... people who are very important to God... people God wants in His family.

God has called the Greens and I to work together to honor God and help reach people all across this nation... to invite more people into God's family.

We can only do this if we break down the wall that divides us... the wall the devil has been building... so we can do what God is calling us to do.

I am simply sharing the truth God wants you to know... truth that can help promote honor for God... honor for His Word... and honor for what Jesus Christ did for all of us on the cross.

The devil will tell people all day long that what God is doing is just a COINCIDENCE. If you have visited this site... you will see that I love God and do not like the devil... so I do not accept a lot of things that others will accept as coincidences.

The Greens receive continuous confirmations from God that reveal He wants them to fund Town of Love but they continue to show us here in Oklahoma City and around the nation that they are unwilling to do both parts of God's will. 

God wants to be honored and He wants these wings to help America by sharing the hope of Jesus Christ. 

In addition to sharing that hope... we can make an impact to reduce abortions.

Some estimate that there are 2500 students at Oklahoma Christian University.

Some estimate that over 3000 babies are aborted EVERY SINGLE DAY!

It is estimated that 2.5 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. since God had me first share this vision to reduce abortions with David Green.

So... while I am excited about honoring God with the Greens... excited about reaching the lost with the Greens... I am also excited about working with the Greens to help America raise our level of respect for human life so we can REDUCE ABORTIONS.

If we teach everyone to respect human life more... we teach would-be murderers NOT to be murderers.

How long do you want us to wait to make a difference?

A few more years. A few more decades?

God says NOW. Do you perceive it?


Jesus Christ should be honored for Victory... not the name of the false goddess Nike.

Stephen Curry decided to obey God and left NIKE so he could better honor Jesus Christ.

See what God did for Stephen Curry when he obeyed... NBA MVP... NBA Championship!

Believe me yet?

In Isaiah 43:18-19, God says...

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."

1. There are some who see God doing a new thing and are excited about it.
2. There are some who will not perceive God doing a new thing.
3. There are some who see God doing a new thing and choose to act like they don't see it.

Which one of those 3 are you?


I would like to give a special thanks to Pastor Paul Diamond, Assistant to Dr. Charles Stanley. Thank you for relaying the message of Town of Love to one of my favorite pastors of all time... Dr. Charles Stanley. Let's keep In Touch.

Dr. Charles Stanley: I would like to welcome you to the vision of Town of Love. This vision is from God and it is one of two related wings designed to help America... as you will see here on this site. I would like to say a very sincere thank you for all you have done to teach me about Jesus Christ and help me grow spiritually over many years. 

Dr. Stanley, I love your statement...


God bless you.

(FOR ALL OF YOU WHO ARE PRAYING: Thank you for your prayers! This site is got a lot of attention yesterday. Thursday's total for unique visitors was over 15 times Wednesday's total.)

I happen to be a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University... home of the Eagles. As a design student, I gave a presentation before a lot of people and am willing to do that again... this time... for something God wants in Oklahoma City called Town of Love.

I would like to set it up in the Garvey Center on the campus of Oklahoma Christian. I would also like to have a room in which to show this vision... to show the wing that goes along with the wing of Museum of the Bible.

I have seen a lot of excitement for this vision from young people... so I would love to show students both wings and get their input.

We could ask if they would like to have Town of Love in Oklahoma City... with EL-LOVE-ATION Indoor Skydiving, LOVE VIDEO GRILL (a restaurant that plays Christian/love themed videos and live music) and LOVE TO KNOW YA (like a Panera with Christian/love themed videos and live music), LOVE SPORTSWEAR and more!

We could ask them if they would like to have the first location here in OKC... a location to honor God, help share the Good News of Jesus Christ, help reduce abortions, help reduce crime and help reduce murder while lifting up the Word of God.

Then we can share the big picture that when other cities see the positive impact here in OKC, they will want other Town of Love locations around the nation to help get America on track with God.

Then we can document the excitement that young Christians have for this vision... proving that what I have said is true.

I think it is fair that God's other wing also get the proper exposure and same care as the wing of the Museum of the Bible.

Surely the Oklahoma Christian Eagles would show concern for both of God's wings.

Not just one.

Love shows concern for what God wants. That's what LOVE DOES. Just ask Bob Goff.



If you had a net worth of $6 billion and you were praying to God to show you what to do with the money God entrusted to you... and God directed me to show you this vision for Town of Love... a vision to honor God and share the hope of Jesus Christ... CLEARLY SHOWING IT IS TO BE ON LAND IN THE SHAPE OF AN EAGLE WING... and you turned it down... then God had me go back to you again... insisting that you are the guy to fund it... but you turned it down again... then later it was announced very publicly that your own son, ANDY STANLEY... was planning to build a Museum of the Bible valued at $400 million ON LAND IN THE SHAPE OF AN EAGLE WING... WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO INVEST $30 MILLION OF THE MONEY GOD WANTED YOU TO INVEST in order to have 2 wings... the Museum of the Bible and Town of Love... working together in unity to honor God and help America?


Would an owner of the EAGL1 tag above want to see both wings? Would he want two beautiful wings on his eagle so it could soar... or would he be satisfied with just one as it attempts to soar?

1 eagle wing is compromise. 2 eagle wings are pleasing to God.

2 wings working together can help save young people's lives... young people that need help.


My name is Charles Hubbard and I have been entrusted by God to share a vision to honor Him and help America. Let me tell you that I am not perfect... but even in my imperfect state... I want to point everyone to the One Who is perfect... Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY hope we have of eternal life with God. 


Many popular pastors around the nation are talking about Christ's return and they believe we are not far away from it. Let me ask you, if Christ were to return in just 10 years, would He like to return to see David Green having obeyed God with Town of Love to reach the lost so they can spend eternity in heaven... or to see David Green having disobeyed God by refusing to fund it?

If you think reaching the lost and making a difference is not that big of a deal, I encourage you to watch the movie "WAR ROOM".

As you do, think about how Miss Clara teaches Elizabeth, and think about Town of Love teaching people who have never stepped into a church before... so that their lives can be dramatically different.

God's Word, prayer and the truth of Jesus Christ can bring hope to people who are truly needing it. We all need it!

I would like to call on people around America to pray for David Green. Pray that he will obey God so we can get started on this beautiful vision from God.

David Green: My desire is to be at peace with you and I would like to invite you to watch "War Room". I would be thrilled to buy your ticket and discuss what God wants us to do together – united as brothers in Christ.

Welcome to Town of Love.

- Love Video Grill
- Love To Know Ya -

I asked God to confirm that He wanted me to put the Museum of the Bible logo and the Town of Love logo together under the heading of "Let's bring holy back." God prompted me to open His Word without looking and place my pen down without looking. When I looked, my pen was on one word... "exactly"... found in John 14:31. "but he comes so that the world may learn that I love the Father and do exactly what my Father has commanded me. Come now; let us leave."

I don't know how God does it... but He does it... and I do not argue with Him. I follow Him and have to trust that He knows how to fish for men.


I will take a moment to prove I actually hear from God and am led by God.

How God gave me the JESUS IS LEGIT! shirt idea:

A few years ago, I was considering going to the International Christian Retail Show in St. Louis for my business called Love Christian Wear.

On Sunday one week… I heard a Pastor named Steven Furtick talk about God’s Unstoppable Power. In it he said God has positioned you to participate and be a blessing – a CONDUIT for His power.

Then a few days later around 4 pm or so, I checked to see when the retail International Christian Show was. I realized there was only one day left for the show…and it was going to be a really short day at that. So I prayed about it and knew God wanted me to go.

I thought it might be at least an 8 hour drive from OKC to St. Louis and I knew it would be extra tough leaving so late. So I decided to find a place outside of St Louis… so I wouldn't have to drive so far at one time and could drive the rest of the way in the early morning.

I Googled it and found a place 1:37:00 away from my destination. When I saw that number… I got really excited and thought it was a God thing… because one of my favorite verses is Luke 1:37… “For nothing is impossible with God.”

I drove there and arrived sometime after 3 am. I went to bed and got a few hours of sleep… then got up and got ready. I walked down to check out and was amazed to see the business card of the manager… CONDUITT! That is right…just a few days earlier I heard a sermon about being a CONDUIT! This name even had an extra T… and I was getting in the T-shirt business.

I was like… very cool God!

Then I drove into St. Louis and got the first parking spot I could find. It was a parking meter… so I got out some money…walked up to the meter… and was about to put a quarter in when I noticed a sticker on top of the parking meter that said…UNWRAP THE LOVE. (Love Christian Wear)

Once again I was like… very cool God! Good one! I was really enjoying it you know.

Then I thought I would check the other meters to see if they had stickers on them. None of them did… just the one for my parking spot!

Then I went into the International Christian Retail Show where I talked to owners of big Christian businesses like NOTW and Truth Should Armour… just to name a few. I spoke with Jeff Ray of Truth more than the others and got a chance to discuss the beach lingo that was popular. He told me a few “cool” words… but when he said “legit”…I knew God gave me something to work with…and I immediately thought… I am going to do a shirt that says "Jesus is Legit!"

I spent a little more time there at the show then left to drive back to OKC. On the way back to OKC… I began thinking about the day and started talking to God. I told God that I was going to do a shirt that says “Jesus is Legit!”… and just when I told God that… I looked to my left and immediately saw a car go past me with a tag that read TRUE2U.

I thought that was so cool… because it was Jeff Ray from Truth who actually mentioned the word “legit” which I was compelled to use for the “Jesus is Legit!” shirt. And of course... the best reason of all... Jesus is legit to me... it is TRUE to me.

That was how God revealed his will to me regarding the "Jesus is Legit!" shirt. I get more responses from people with that shirt than any other Christian shirt I have ever worn.

Here is the "Jesus is Legit!" shirt:


Michael W Smith appears to have his arms up like wings. Both do not look the same... but you get the idea. God wants the Greens and I to use the Museum of the Bible wing and the Town of Love wing to bring Him honor and reach the lost in America.

(Cool note: It blew my mind when I realized that the number of that photo on my phone was 3737. Those who know me will probably know that I love Luke 1:37... "For nothing is impossible with God". I know that God often repeats things for emphasis... so seeing 3737 was really cool. Is it possible for the Holy Spirit to direct Michael W Smith to lift his arms like that like the Holy Spirit directs me to know God's will in the Bible? Yes it is!)

The Michael W Smith and Skillet connection:

Over 8 years ago, I had designed a Christian video cafe for Downtown OKC… just southeast of Harkins Theatre. You can read about this on the About page. What I did not tell you… and what God reminded me of tonight at the OKC Good News Festival… was the singer I had in those visuals of that Christian video cafe was Michael W Smith. God orchestrated events and several years after that time… I had a one-in-a-million contact with a woman whose dad owned land just west of that… land much bigger… and much more expensive. I knew it was no coincidence and in just a short time… God had quickly revealed what He wanted on that land… seven Christian businesses designed to bring Him honor and help reach the lost in America. The band God had me use in the visuals for Town of Love was Skillet.

Then tonight… during the OKC Good News Festival…

I realized both of them were closing the show each night… the very two performers God had me feature with the video cafe and Town of Love… Skillet on Saturday night and Michael W Smith on Sunday night. (I knew I had to go down and take some pictures of MW... and I took the one you see above... The Town of Love logo was added of course)

What are the odds of having Michael W Smith and Skillet close each night... each one related to the progression of this vision? If you are like me, you know it is a God thing... and that is what I have noticed over and over again with this vision... amazing things happen... things that have sent a lot of chills over people.

God shows me what to do and who to contact.

God showed me He wanted me to contact David Green to get the funding.
I was thinking how great it would have been to be standing on the floor with David Green watching the Michael W Smith concert together. David could have seen the excitement of the young people next to me… young people fired up for God… full of love for God and excitement.

If the vision for Town of Love had been mentioned tonight at the OKC Good News Festival… there would have been an arena full of Christians excited about it.


I would like to welcome Bill Hybels, Todd Hybels and Willow Creek Community Church to this site where they get to see God's vision for one of the two wings. This wing is Town of Love. The other is the Museum of the Bible.

A special note to Bill Hybels... I believe in going all out for God.

From the book "Simplify" by Bill Hybels (Sold in Mardels)


I knew of several substantial Kingdom plays that had ben possible solely because this man had been faithful with his gift of giving. "You could have hung it up a long time ago," I told him, "yet you keep working, so you can keep giving."

"Exactly," he said. "But my wife thinks I'm crazy. My business partner thinks I'm crazy. My accountant thinks I'm crazy. And it would help me if you could tell me I'm not crazy!"

I burst out laughing. "Not only are you not crazy," I said, "you're actually the smart one who's laying up treasures on the other side. My life verse says, 'Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that you work is never in vain.' Investing in an imperishable wreath is not crazy. People who are running a different race, they'll call you crazy; but you're the smartest guy I know, laying it up on the other side."

If you, like this man, are being a good steward of the spiritual gifts God has given you – if you're being steadfast and immovable, abounding in the work of the Lord – you're not crazy. Let me repeat: You're not crazy! You're not crazy for going all out for God with your one and only life. Your efforts are not in vain. You will be richly rewarded on the other side.

Anne Graham Lotz of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association believes Christ's return is not far away. The quotes shown below are by Anne Graham Lotz about God’s judgement. 

This is good for you to read to help explain the things you will see on this site… a vision from God called Town of Love to reach the lost and God’s judgement against those who willingly honor the name of the goddess Nike after being warned not to… and the blessings that come to those who obey God by leaving NIKE and honoring Jesus Christ like Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

"Before Jesus comes back, He may allow the church to go through some judgment because it purifies us and helps us get our priorities straight and increases our focus and also our compulsion to share the Gospel with the people around us," Lotz argued.

"A judgement isn't necessarily a nuclear strike or ISIS popping up everywhere. Judgement is God backing away from us. When we tell God to get out. Then God, He gets out and then allows us to be subjected to things that He has been protecting us from for hundreds of years in this country," Lotz said. "He has blessed us, He has protected us and we have defied Him. So, He backs away. In Romans 1, every time He backs away there is also the [notion] that if they didn't repent then He would further the judgement. The implied truth is that if we repent to Him then He would stay His hand of judgement."

I asked God if He wanted me to put that up. God directed me to the word "and" found in Titus 2:15...
These, then, are the things you should teach. Encourage and rebuke with all authority. Do not let anyone despise you.

If you have questioned why God has had me rebuke you or other people for the past few years, I hope the above quotes by Anne Graham Lotz help put things in perspective. There is an urgency for us to make changes to honor God and reach those who do not know Jesus Christ. God has chosen me and given me the authority to rebuke for His purposes.


Robert Morris explains giving extravagantly in his book called "The Blessed Life".

The Blessed Life
When You Give Extravagantly
Pg 193-194

Let me close this chapter by telling you what almost always happens when the Spirit of God speaks to you about an extravagant gift.
The first step in giving an extravagant gift to the Lord is hearing. You don’t give extravagant gifts out of your own thinking or planning. You need to hear God.
Hearing from God isn’t hard or complicated. The Spirit wants you to know God’s will and ways. He is always speaking. The voice of the Spirit it rarely a loud or booming voice. It’s usually a very soft impression. And frankly, you can talk yourself out of it.
The second phase is excitement. Once you hear from God about a significant gift, it’s natural to get extremely excited. This excitement doesn’t last indefinitely, however.
It almost always gives way to phase three: fear. Like my friend, you are most likely going to have thoughts that shout: This is crazy! This is absolutely crazy! The fact is that almost everything in the Christian life seems crazy to the natural mind.
After fear, comes phase four of giving an extravagant gift: logic. In the logic phase, you’ll start thinking of lots of reasons you shouldn’t do what you’ve heard God say. You will think of lots of alternative plans and programs.
Do you think Abram had to wrestle with logic when God asked him offer his son Isaac? Do you think logic might have had a thing or two to say to Peter before he stepped out of that boat?
I’m not saying logic is wrong. I am saying that if logic says one thing and God’s voice says something else, God’s voice wins.
Invariably, after logic comes doubt. Did I really hear God correctly? Maybe that was just my overactive imagination. What if that was the devil?!!!
The devil always overplays his hand because, at that point, you can ask yourself, Would the devil really try to get me to give money to the preaching of the gospel so that more people will get saved? I don’t think so!
That’s when you move to the final phase leading up to an extravagant gift: faith. Once you get back to faith, the excitement returns, and that’s when you can follow through and obey.
Ask yourself this question: Am I generous, or is selfishness still the dominant force in my heart?
How much of you does God have? Does He have all of you? Does He have your dreams? Your desires? Your possessions?
God wants to do a work in our hearts. He wants to make us generous.


Society will be at its best when there is no difference between being "politically correct" and "Biblically correct". Everything we do should line up with the Bible for us to flourish as a society.

God wants Town of Love and the Museum of the Bible to exist in society to help make "politically correct" line up with "Biblically correct".



Why did God choose the Greens of Hobby Lobby to fund Town of Love?

It is so they can show God's love to people who are not like them.

Is the family in OKC who doesn't know Christ... struggling to pay the bills... planning a trip to Washington DC so they can walk through the $400 million Museum of the Bible wing from God?

Is the guy in OKC who doesn't know Christ... struggling with drug addiction... barely paying the bills... dreaming of going to Washington DC to walk through the $400 million Museum of the Bible wing from God?

Is the girl in OKC who doesn't know Christ... struggling with alcohol addiction... barely paying the bills... dreaming of going to Washington DC to walk through the $400 million Museum of the Bible wing from God?

Is the couple who worships a false God... struggling with the devil's lies... barely paying the bills... dreaming of going to Washington DC to walk through the $400 million Museum of the bible wing from God?

But God wants them to know His love... even though they are not like the Greens of Hobby Lobby.

So God designed a wing to reach those who do not know Christ... a place where the family struggling, the guy struggling, the girl struggling and the couple struggling in OKC can learn about Christ and have fun in places like EL-LOVE-ATION Indoor Skydiving and Love Video Grill within the $30 million Town of Love wing from God.

Would it be easier to reach those struggling people here in OKC with the $30 million Town of Love wing than to expect them to plan a trip to DC to visit the $400 million Museum of the Bible wing?


God knows how to reach them and that is why He designed it this way. God revealed the vision to me and then led me to the Greens to have them fund it. God designed both wings to show that He cares for ALL people... from the wealthy in DC to the poor in OKC.


Greece should destroy the Temple of the false goddess Nike it restored – in order to please the True God.

Destroying it will give them hope.

The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.

1 John 3:8


The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.


For those of you in Greece who think God approves of rebuilding the Temple of Nike, read 2 Chronicles 33:1-3...

Manasseh was twelve years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem fifty-five years. He did evil in the eyes of the Lord, following the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites. He rebuilt the high places his father Hezekiah had demolished; he also erected altars to the Baals and made Asherah poles. He bowed down to all the starry hosts and worshiped them.


Stephen Curry wore clothes named for the false goddess Nike – the one this temple in Greece was built for. God was not pleased when Stephen Curry wore NIKE and God is not pleased that Greece has restored the temple for the goddess Nike. Greece continues to dishonor God.

Stephen Curry decided to honor Jesus by leaving NIKE like this statue in place of the temple of Nike would honor Jesus. See how God blessed Stephen Curry with the NBA MVP and the NBA Finals championship. Greece should learn something from how God rewarded Stephen Curry for leaving NIKE and honoring Jesus. Greece should destroy the Temple of Nike to please God and bring hope to Greece.


road to Town of Love


Many years ago, I had a vision to do a video cafe in Downtown OKC just over this hill. To give you an idea of how long ago it was, I used Michael W. Smith in the graphics. I asked about the land, I did the graphics for the layout of the cafe... but I did not have the money and did not go ahead with it.

I went through a divorce and I remember the day I walked to the armoire and picked up the photo album of my kids who would be away from me in Michigan. My mom was still alive on the earth at that time and saw me walk into the bathroom where I wept because I loved them so much and would miss them greatly.

I walked back out and put the photo album back on the armoire... then I noticed a picture with the word LOVE on it and angels around it... and below it was a 3-ring binder I had made years ago which had the verse which contained... "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."

There I stood... holding "LOVE" in one hand and the verse containing... "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men" in the other. I knew at that moment that God was telling me that they were gone, but He had something planned for me to do for Him with LOVE.

Then a woman contacted me on Facebook to do a logo for her vision called Hunger Heroes... a vision she had to help the hungry. I did the logo and she was very excited about it. She wanted to do more marketing and told me she could afford it if her dad's land would sell Downtown. I asked her where her dad's land was... it was located just over the hill above... very close to where I had prayed about the video cafe many years ago! I knew that was an incredible God thing!

Then God quickly revealed to me what He wanted on that land... 7 Christian businesses in 1 location... designed to honor Him and reach the lost in ways never done before... and He wanted it called Town of Love.

I knew I didn't have the money and God showed me that I didn't have to have it. He told me that He blessed others with money so they could use their financial gifts to fund it. 

I have been faithful to contact those people God wants to fund Town of Love and we are still waiting for them to obey God.


I want to thank all of you Christians who have loved and respected God enough to have nothing to do with NIKE.

God is pleased with your obedience.

Congrats to Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors who left NIKE to honor Jesus Christ!


What could be written in a book about you being blessed for leaving NIKE? 

Leaving NIKE To Honor The One True God

See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks.
If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth,
how much less will we, if we turn away from him
who warns us from heaven?
Hebrews 12:25


Satan tempted someone to start a company in honor the name of the false goddess Nike. When people are faced with the decision to disobey and dishonor God by wearing NIKE... Satan says "Just do it!"

Should I wear clothes named for the false goddess Nike? Satan says "Just do it!"

Should I support gay marriage with NIKE? Satan says "Just do it!"

Should I encourage people to be transgender like Bruce Jenner with NIKE? Satan says "Just do it!"

Should I encourage people to be gay... to be lesbians... to be bisexual with NIKE? Satan says "Just do it!"

America didn't get where we are today with gay marriage without companies like NIKE encouraging you to sin against Almighty God.


Do not just do it
sling for Under Armour
sling for Under Armour 3

How did Stephen Curry and the Warriors win the NBA Finals?

1. Stephen Curry obeyed God and left NIKE (the company honoring the false goddess Nike) in order to honor Jesus Christ with Under Armour. 

2. Stephen Curry honors God by pointing up.

3. Stephen Curry and others on the team pray to God and believe that their purpose is much bigger than basketball.

4. God blessed Stephen Curry and the Warriors to be healthier and play better than every other NBA team.



Pagans honor the false goddess Nike for victory. 
Christians should honor Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for Victory.

There is a huge difference between a pagan and a Christian. The pagan does not have the Holy Spirit. The Christian has the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God and does not like the false goddess Nike or any NIKE clothing honoring the false goddess Nike. The Holy Spirit wants Jesus Christ to be honored for Victory.

the LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.

Psalm 147:11


Watch the iFly videos below. EL-LOVE-ATION Indoor Skydiving is a vision to bring non-Christians and Christians flooding into Town of Love so we can share God's teachings with them in a fun, entertaining way. Imagine millions of people coming in that have never stepped foot in church... to see a visual of the rapture and to be exposed to the truth of Jesus Christ... while they have fun!
EL-LOVE-ATION: I Believe. I Can Fly.




Donald Trump and others in government and ministries around the U.S.:The more our nation becomes less Christian, the more it votes Democrat!
Let me help share with you the urgency of the matter.

November 7, 2012
In 2012, the Pew Research Center found that 57% of Protestant Christians voted for Romney... while 42% voted for Obama. In contrast, from those who had NO religious affiliation, 70% voted for Obama... while 26% voted for Romney.

This is where it is even more serious...

May 12, 2015
The Pew Research Center did a study which concluded that between 2007 and 2014, the Christian share of the population fell from 78.4% to 70.6%, driven mainly by declines among mainline Protestants and Catholics.

So Mr. Trump, you can see why God wants David Green to fund Town of Love. While it is very important to have the Museum of the Bible wing in Washington, it is also important to have the Town of Love wing here in OKC to help reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. And the benefits of that are not only eternal life for the believer, but also a larger Christian population and a more powerful Republican party.


• Share the Truth of Jesus Christ So More People Will Be Saved
• Improve Relationships with God
• Improve Marriage Relationships
• Improve Family Relationships
• Feed the Hungry through "Hunger Heroes" Program
• Improve Morality
• Reduce Homosexuality
• Improve Quality of Life
• Lower Abortion Rates
• Decrease Crime
• Decrease Divorce
• Lower Death Rate
• Lower Addictions
• Reduce Traffic Accidents
• Increase Church Attendance
• Show Marriage God’s Way = 1 Man + 1 Woman
• Reduce Rape and Sex Crimes
• Improve Overall Mood of the Nation
• Promote Holiness and Righteousness
• Encourage Families To Spend Time Together
• Encourage Abstinence to Decrease Sex Outside of Marriage
• Reduce Occurance of Sexual Diseases
• Reducing Many of These Can Free Up Money
• Reduce Illegal Drug Activity
• Reduce Suicides
• Reduce Pollution
• Encourage Reading God’s Word
• Encourage Respect for God and His Word
• Promote Christian Values
• Promote 10 Commandments
• Encourage Spirituality and Exercise
• Give People Hope Now and For Eternity
• Encourage Exercise To Improve Our Health
• Reduce Obesity
• Decrease Our Dependence on Government
• Decrease the Financial Burden on Our Government
• Improve Our Economy
• Bring More Hope To This Generation


I asked God to confirm that He wanted me to put that up about Stephen Curry. God told me to go to His Word without looking and place my pen down without looking. When I looked, my pen was on the number "25" of 1 Peter 2:25...

For "you were like sheep going astray," but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.

Just imagine if every Christian and non-Christian that has gone astray with NIKE decided to honor Jesus Christ!

Trace NIKE back to the original source:

1. Satan devised an evil plan to have the false goddess of victory named Nike take honor away from the True God of Victory.

2. Satan tempted people with evil to worship, sacrifice and pray to the false goddess Nike for victory... and they did it... not honoring the True God of Victory.

3. They obeyed Satan and built a temple in Greece for the false goddess NIKE. The Nike temple was restored a few years ago – which angered God greatly!

4. Satan tempted some people to start a company called NIKE after a man had a dream about the false goddess of victory named Nike.
But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
2 Corinthians 11:14

5. Though the Bible clearly shows God is against all evil false gods and goddesses, those men decided to JUST DO IT!

6. The evil plan that originated with Satan long ago as a way to take honor away from God has now grown into an evil company to take honor away from God. It is so bad that even some Christians like Kevin Durant refuse to leave it in order to honor God and have been disciplined when they refused to do what they knew they should! It is our prayer that Kevin Durant will obey and honor God.

7. But some Christians like Stephen Curry who desire to honor God have chosen to leave NIKE and throw NIKE things out. God has blessed them as they’ve chosen to please Him. Just Google Stephen Curry to see if what I share is true.

God wants me to share what pleases Him and encourage you to wear things that show respect for God – which is definitely not what Satan wants. Satan wants you to promote his evil plan to rob God of the honor He richly deserves. The goddess Nike originated with Satan and the devil is always about stealing, killing or destroying. That means, if you think something from Satan like NIKE is not stealing, killing or destroying – you are deceived into thinking that.


My heart goes out to the families and friends who lost someone in the Oregon massacre today. Satan gets people to do terrible things to others.

I have great concern for our nation. Nearly 20 years ago, people in Crossings Community Church laid their hands on me and prayed over me. I believe God started something in me that has continued to this day... resulting in the vision you see here to honor God and help America.

This vision is to reach the hearts of those who are hard to reach in order to help prevent murders like we saw today. And sadly, the guy God has called to fund it – David Green – has refused to fund it!

Pray that he will soon obey God.

Donald Trump and others in government and ministries around the U.S.:

The more our nation becomes less Christian, the more it votes Democrat!

Let me help share with you the urgency of the matter.

November 7, 2012
In 2012, the Pew Research Center found that 57% of Protestant Christians voted for Romney... while 42% voted for Obama. In contrast, from those who had NO religious affiliation, 70% voted for Obama... while 26% voted for Romney.

This is where it is even more serious...

May 12, 2015
The Pew Research Center did a study which concluded that between 2007 and 2014, the Christian share of the population fell from 78.4% to 70.6%, driven mainly by declines among mainline Protestants and Catholics.

So Mr. Trump, you can see why God wants David Green to fund Town of Love. While it is very important to have the Museum of the Bible wing in Washington, it is also important to have the Town of Love wing here in OKC to help reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. And the benefits of that are not only eternal life for the believer, but also a larger Christian population and a more powerful Republican party.

After I placed the comment about meeting with God just below this, God told me to go to His Word for a confirmation of what I just put up. He told me to open His Word without looking and place my finger down without looking. When I looked, my finger was on "clearly"... in Colossians 4:4. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should.



Welcome to the exciting vision of Town of Love for Oklahoma City. God has been revealing this over the span of years and now you will see how we can reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ both in Oklahoma City and beyond. 
The vision is to build the first Town of Love in OKC with 7 Christian businesses and eventually have multiple locations around America. 










The goal is to have a fun, positive place that will serve to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ so they can have a relationship with Him now and for eternity.

Town of Love will use God's Word to bring hope to people and help solve many problems we deal with in society. The messages will be powerful and the 7 businesses will function to help reduce the following: crime, murder, abortions, homosexuality, drug use, traffic, traffic accidents, pollution, fornication, addictions, rape, suicides, infidelity and more.

Town of Love will function to share God's love and encourage people to love God more, love others more and love themselves more.